Can You Guess the Countries Where Windows Phone Outsells the iPhone?

By Chris Mills on at

Yes, you can stop making fun of Windows Phone now, because believe it or not, there's a handful of real, non-tinpot countries where Apple's darling iPhone gets outsold by Windows Phone devices.

So, the lucky (or not) winners on this particular wheel of fortune are: Argentina, India, Poland, Russia, South Africa, Ukraine, and a handful of Eastern European countries, including Croatia.

Now, although that list includes some significant or emerging players in the smartphone area -- Russia sees sales of around 8 million smartphones per year, and India is above the UK for smartphone subscriptions -- there are some potential flaws in the data. The facts come from IDC, who only track how many smartphones were officially imported into the various countries. Given the slightly-less-than-white markets in some of those countries (*cough* Former USSR *cough*) it's a fair bet that a lot of Apple-flavoured devices will be making their way in via less-heavily-taxed routes.

So, this actually tells us two things: Windows Phone is getting a tiny bit of traction in some very significant markets (India's got more smartphones than the UK, but only 4 per cent of phones can really be called smart); and Windows Phone owners are nice, law-abiding suckers. [New York Times via CNET]