Charge Your Phone Up to 50 Per Cent Faster With Just a Free App

By Sam Gibbs on at

Charging your phone can be a right slow, pain in the arse, especially if it's a power hog. Wall chargers are always best, but when you just don't have one to hand, there's a free app that promises to pump more power out of your computer's USB port to charge your phone as quickly as a wall wart.

It's made by Asus, but it'll work on pretty much any motherboard. It does its thing by allowing the USB port to output up to 1.2A. That means your phone can draw more power and charge faster than the regular feed of around 0.5A. Asus has designed the app only to work with iPhones and iPads, but some folks over at XDA have reported it works with certain Android phones too, so your mileage may vary. There's no reason this shouldn't work with anything that draws power from a USB port, but as this is technically overtaxing your hardware, use with caution. Grab it direct from Asus and give it a whirl. If it works for you with any non-Apple hardware, let us know in the comments. [PCWorld via LifeHacker]