Cheap Booze is Your "What the Hell are you Waiting For" Deal of the Day

By Andy Dawson on at

It's all well and good us bringing you the finest technological bargains every day, but sometimes all we need is lots and lots and lots of wine. Helpfully, that's what we've got.

It's an offer that can be had on the Tesco website, which may or may not be good for their falling profits. It's a complicated process, so don't be drunk on some of your existing wine when you do it. It involves buying two cases of wine and then applying a code for some discount -- tough eh? You'll have earned a drink when you're finished, but it'll work out at about as little as £2.38 per bottle, delivered. Cheers!


Today's Bonus Dealz

Portal 1 and Portal 2 bundle (PC) -- yours for £4.49.
Bluetooth OBDII OBD2 diagnostic car scanner -- only £7.48.
White 7" Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 (refurb) -- just £122.98.
Dell Inspiron 17R 5720 (1TB, Nvidia GT 630M) -- £368.71 with code.
Mass Effect 3 (PC) -- just £3.75 (£3.00 with code).
Dead Island Riptide (PS3/Xbox 360, pre-order) -- only £24.99.
Under Armour dauntless backpack - just £10.00.

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