CSR Racing, Google's One Today, and More

By Chris Mills on at

This week is a feelgood mixture of Google's charity transparence app to sooth your concience, a Facebook app to sooth your social itch, and a bunch of games for everything in between.

Sherpa, Google's One Today, and More

One Today: Part of Google.org, its non-profit site, One Today's ultimate goal is to make sure people are completely informed about where their money is going and then encouraging a £1 donation to their organization of choice. And of course, there's a social component that allows you set to a certain amount you're willing to match if your friends donate as well. You feel better about knowing where your money is going, and charities are getting what they need. Everyone wins. You can request an invite here. [Free]

Facebook Home: This one only works with particular devices, and even then only if you have a particular taste for Zuckerflesh, but if you tick both of those boxes, you can now download Facebook Home for your (select) Android device. Hightlights include Chat Heads, lots of notifications in your home page, and an urgent need to get out more. [Free]

Cut the Rope: Time TravelChances are you’ve played the original Cut the Rope at least once before, but in the same vein as Angry Birds’ many spinoffs, the popular puzzle game just came out with its newest incarnation. Time Travel carries the exact same style of gameplay, but with a whole new set of levels to keep you occupied for unhealthy amounts of time. [£0.62]

CSR Racing: CSR Racing is one of the biggest racing games on iOS, and now (finally) it's burst onto the Android scene, complete with a bunch of cars from big-name car manufacturers like Audi and Nissan, processor-workout graphics, and some of those nasty nasty in-app purchases to run off with your wallet [Free]

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