Dead Man Charged £10 For Not Paying Virgin Media Bill on Time

By Gary Cutlack on at

Virgin Media has made the rather enormous error of sending out a bill to a dead man, also cheekily adding a £10 late payment fee. Why not turn up at the funeral and prise the rings off his fingers to pay for his TV debts, you cold-hearted automatons?

The bill demand popped up on Facebook, where the dead man's son-in-law explained how Virgin had not only billed him and added the fee, but someone along the admin chain had amended the charge to point out that "Payer deceased" was the reason the direct debit payment was declined. Virgin also sent the grieving man's home a bill for the following month as well.

The son-in-law had the last laugh, though, telling Virgin there had been a "sharp decrease" in the amount of TV the dead man had been watching of late, also adding: "The only saving grace is that my Father in Law had an excellent sense of humour and is probably laughing his arse off about this as we type." [Facebook]