Do You Chew Through More Than 1.4GB of Mobile Data a Month?

By Sam Gibbs on at

EE's Olaf Swantee reckons the average 'heavy user' chews through only 1GB of data on T-Mobile's unlimited 3G plan, and just 1.4GB on EE's 4G network a month. That seems a tad on the light side to me, but how much mobile data do you eat up a month and on which network?

I guess it depends on what you're doing and whether you're hooked onto Wi-Fi for the majority of your day. For me, I spend about two-thirds of my day on Wi-Fi, but I still get through at least 1GB of 3G data a month. How about you? And what kind of speeds do you see on average while you're at it?

Image credit: Data from Shutterstock