Doctors Use Tetris to Actually Cure Eye Ailments

By Gary Cutlack on at

Shock good news about video games! When they're not training us to cold-heartedly murder people with guns, explosives and knives, video games might actually be useful in treating eye problems thanks to work by doctors who have successfully treated lazy eyes with good old Tetris.

Researchers from Canada's McGill University found that Tetris (and presumably other games) teach the eyes how to work together in harmony, with the tests results showing that playing Tetris worked better at fixing lazy eyes than the traditional method of heaping shame upon a person by forcing them to wear a plaster over their strongest eye until the weaker one catches up.

The test asked students to play Tetris for an hour a day while wearing special goggles that let one eye see the falling bricks and the other the pile of debris that accumulates at the bottom of the screen. After two weeks, the eyesight of the group had improved, all thanks to the amazing, health-giving, positive properties of video games. [BBC]