Embrace Creativity: Jonathan Erdman, the Legal Professional

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Whoever you are, whatever you do, be passionate with the unbeatable on-the-go creativity of the Samsung GALAXY Note II.

Mobile has moved on. Smartphones aren’t just about apps, internet and multimedia; today’s big-screen, high-power superphones are places where your ideas are captured, your life planned and your creativity realised. Samsung’s multi-faceted GALAXY Note II, with its S Pen tech and Multi Window versatility, embodies this concept and its real-world.


Plugged into work, wherever you are

Jonathan works in law, a frantic environment where a crucial deadline is always crashing into view, and organisation is key. He needs to be plugged into his latest cases at all times, whether in or out the office, and so mobile connectivity is essential. He says: “It’s a high-pressure environment. Accurate delivery 
of information to and from me is indispensable. The quicker it can happen, the better.”

Taking a client call on his headphones, Jonathan is also able to check a related memo as it appears in his inbox. While still on the call he’s able to edit the memo on the 16:9 widescreen and send the updated information to the relevant legal departments. It means information is captured, agreed and delivered within a few minutes, rather than hours.

On his way to an office meeting, Jonathan receives an email to say an immediate external visit is required. He uses the GALAXY Note II’s Multi Window feature to simultaneously recheck the email and consult a map for directions. He also updates his shared calendar to alert colleagues of the new plan.

“Making sure your team are informed of last-minute changes is crucial,” 
says Jonathan. “However, keeping tabs of your personal life amidst the chaos is also a skill...”

Case in point: today is Jonathan’s girlfriend’s birthday. On the return
 leg from the client meeting, he makes
 a digital birthday card in S Note and dispatches it to his girlfriend. He uses the phone’s fast browser to check for the nearest florist on his way home, stopping off to pick up a bunch of roses.

As Jonathan concludes: “It’s a great device for keeping my work and home life in order. The widescreen fits so much information on it, which is great for multi-tasking.”