Embrace Creativity: Rahul Ahuja, the Entrepreneur

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Whoever you are, whatever you do, be passionate with the unbeatable on-the-go creativity of the Samsung GALAXY Note II.

Mobile has moved on. Smartphones aren’t just about apps, internet and multimedia; today’s big-screen, high-power superphones are places where your ideas are captured, your life planned and your creativity realised.

Samsung’s multi-faceted GALAXY Note II, with its S pen tech and Multi Window versatility, embodies this concept and its real-world.


Let the Note II do the grunt work

Tech start-up innovator, Rahul Ahuja runs Taskhub.co.uk. It allows you to outsource your to-do list, making time for the things in your life that you really enjoy doing. Fittingly, then, Rahul helps ease his own busy day by immediately putting the GALAXY Note II to task, making calls during a taxi journey, checking the day’s schedule on the S Planner and making changes on the fly.

In his first client meeting of the day, Rahul takes memos using S Note. He updates his team and reschedules a meeting before leaving. “I don’t have my own PA, so I need to ensure I’m working as efficiently and quickly as possible,” he reveals. “The advancement of mobile devices such as this allows me to seemingly be in multiple places at once.”

Using Multi Window to multi-task, Rahul spends lunchtime tweaking his afternoon presentation, doing this directly on the Note II’s 5.5-inch touchscreen. Rahul also consults his “mind map” – a visual diagram of his thoughts on a current project – taking a photo and using Easy Clip to cut out some brainstormed ideas, then sharing these with his colleagues.

“On many occasions, the best ideas come when you’re least expecting,” he says, “so being able to not only capture these creative thoughts, but to digitally edit and share them in this way is a powerful tool.”

Another feature that Rahul makes use of is AllShare Cast, which lets him easily and wirelessly show presentation content controlled from the GALAXY Note II’s screen on a client’s television. It’s the kind of high-end functionality that really makes the most of the phone’s fast, 1.6ghz quad core processor.

“Having it just connect to other devices and just work is exactly how technology should function,” Rahul says.