Facebook Home Gets Leaked Ahead of Release and Can Even Be Installed On a Nexus 7

By Sam Gibbs on at

While we're all patiently waiting for the download of Facebook Home to hit the Google Play store this Friday, it seems the folks at MoDaCo have managed to get their hands on a leaked pre-release version. And the best bit is that it can be installed on practically anything, including the Nexus 4 and even tablets like the Nexus 7.

A couple of bits aren't working yet, like the horrendously-named but brilliantly implemented 'Chat Heads', and it's restricted to 1280x768 for the time being, so no HTC One or Xperia Z installs. It's simple to install as long as you have 'install from unknown sources' checked in your settings, so what are you waiting for? Oh yeah, maybe you don't want to shoehorn Facebook any further into your privacy-lacking life and you love battery life? [MoDaCo, Twitter via The Verge]

Image credit: MoDaCo