Facebook Widens £10 Celebrity Stalking Messaging Fee

By Gary Cutlack on at

Facebook is pushing ahead with the launch of a crazy new paid messaging service in the UK, which sees users charged up to £10 a time to send unsolicited messages to celebrities and other people not already on their friends list.

The new "Priority Messages" are designed to stop you bombarding Jessie J with your erotic poetry, with the paid communications heading straight to your chosen celebrity's inbox -- and and unpaid ones getting filtered away into some sort of big void folder if the target recipient has chosen to reject messages from unknowns.

Rather amusingly, the social site is using some sort of automatic popularity matrix when it comes to defining how much it costs to message its famous users. Big names like Olympic twink Tom Daley cost the full £10 to harass, while poor old BBC business editor Robert Peston can be messaged for just 71p if you're bored and worried about your ISA. [Daily Mail]