FAST TRACK Your Way to the Front of KFC's Queue With its Mobile Shopping App

By Gary Cutlack on at

Need fried chicken and need it very soon? There is an application to help you with that. KFC is now trialling a fully mobile-based shopping and payment system in 10 UK branches, which lets users order their enormous buckets of meat and coleslaw and other assorted fried goods through an app.

The KFC Fast TrackĀ app, powered by the AIRTAG shopping system, lets buyers place and pay for orders via iOS, which then generates a barcode and order number for you to take to your chosen branch. You then scan this in at an in-store kiosk, minimising potential human interaction, before picking up your order and leaving. If all goes well, you won't have to make eye contact with anyone during this entire process.

Paul Borrett, IT Director of KFC UK & Ireland, is excited about this development, saying: "Our customers lead increasingly busy lives and KFC Fast Track is focused on helping them order, pay for and collect their food faster than ever before, delivering a great experience throughout." [iTunes]