Getting the Most Out Of the Marathon With the Note II

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Whether you are heading down to central London on 21st April to run this year’s Virgin London Marathon, or simply plan to watch it from the sidelines or from your Note II, check out our guide to the essential apps to get the most out of this year’s epic run.


If you are taking part...


Zombies, Run!


Okay, you've got 26.2 miles to run and you want to get a decent time. What you need is some proper motivation.

Zombies, Run! is a fun new running app that offers you the chance to run 'missions' to fetch supplies and scout out territory in a broken world after a zombie apocalypse. You perform these missions by literally running, all the while egged-on by the sound of snarling Zombies snapping at your heels.


Running Trax

Free (14 day trial, then subs from £1/week)

Listening to music is a good way to fight off fatigue and get into the right rhythm when running. Running Trax for Ministry Of Sound is an audio subscription services aimed at runners and other fitness fans who like dance music.

The app downloads weekly playlists of 40 tracks carefully selected by Ministry Of Sound DJs, plus extra 'boost' tracks intended to give you a little extra oomph when you need it most. Subscriptions cost from £1 per week but you get a 14-day no-obligation trial to see if these are the running tracks for you.


Rhythm Runner


If you prefer your own, more refined musical taste to accompany you but still want to try and get the most out of your tunes, Rhythm Runner could be just the thing to get you moving.

Rather than downloading stuff you might not like, Rhythm Runner analyses your own music collection and then tries to match your pace with music of the appropriate BPM.


Runkeeper Pro


Runkeeper helps over 17 million people with their daily run and if you want to get some feedback from your marathon experience beyond your finish time and the calluses on your feet it can help with a plethora of stats about average speeds and distance covered.

The app can also keep track of your heartrate if you use one of these add-ons and with a Runkeeper Elite subscription, supporters can track your progress on a live map.


If you just want to watch...


Google Maps

Free (on device)

One app that will be invaluable for anyone planning on following the Marathon route as a spectator is Google Maps. You don't even have to download this one - it comes as standard on your Note II and is packed with features to make finding where to go a snap.


London Bus Checker


The Marathon route covers 26.2 miles of London streets and while there are plenty of places from which to view to race, actually getting to them can be tricky of you don't know the city. If you decide to use the bus to get around town, London Bus Checker is an invaluable aid that will give you live updates on when your bus is due (based on the vehicle's GPS transponder) at any of London's 20,000 bus stops.

The £1.99 version only covers London but if you cough up another 50p there is a version  which covers every bus stop in the UK. A bargain.

Tube Map Pro Live Underground


The London Underground is the most efficient way to travel across the capital and this great app will show you live updates on services across all 12 underground lines as well as overground services. There is also a route finder that will plot your ideal shortest journey between two stations.

To be doubly sure there are no problems, the app will show you the twitter posts from the various official Transport For London accounts. It will even show you the balance on your Oyster card if you have registered it with TFL. The whole app is based around a large, zoomable map of the Underground with tappable stations.




Wikitude is the ideal app for both exploring a city and finding what you need when you are there. The app uses 'augmented reality' - you look 'through' the GALAXY Note II using the camera and Wikitude places icons of things you are looking for over the live view of the world.

So, if you are searching for an ATM to get some cash so you can buy a souvenir of the Marathon you can look through the phone and slowly turn around until you see one on screen. Tapping the icon will give you more information and directions.


BBC iPlayer


If the above apps make travelling into London to watch the Marathon sound like a bit of a chore - let alone actually running in the thing - rest assured you can still use your GALAXY Note II to follow the action without leaving the house.

The free BBC iPlayer App is great for watching the BBC's seven-day catch up service or listening to the radio but it also does live TV. Just look in the 'Channels' section and you can tap on the Marathon broadcast and watch it live without having to buy a travelcard or pack a flask of tea.


Toilet/Bathroom Finder


Look, sorry to be blunt about this but if you are standing around in central London for a few hours the chances are high that you will need to find somewhere to go to the loo.

Toilet/Bathroom Finder is a geolocation app that uses your Samsung GALAXY Note II's GPS function along with what is claimed to be "the biggest world toilet database" (a sentence I never dreamed I would write) to show you where the nearest public conveniences are located on a zoomable Google Map.