Good News, Being Funny Makes You Look Far More Attractive Than You Actually Are

By Sam Gibbs on at

Let's be honest. Most of us aren't blessed with a chiselled jaw, rugged good-looks, and an animal magnetism for the ladies. But there's hope for all us, umm, average looking guys: Science has proven that being funny is just as good at attracting the fairer sex. Wit is the key, apparently.

In a psychological study, researchers found that men who employed a bit of humour in interviews were miles more attractive to the opposite sex, both when just listening to their voices, and with voice and face combined.

Those ranked to be the most attractive in the admittedly-small study, were the funnier ones in the bunch. A follow up study then found that how funny a man was showed very similar ranking to how flirtatious he was perceived to be, and therefore how attractive he was for a fling or more. The conclusion of the study indicated that men use wit and humour to show off their intelligence and 'good genes', but whatever. It gives us hope, because anyone can learn to be funnier, but only plastic surgery can help theĀ hideousĀ among us.

Time to hit the stand-up comedy workshops perhaps? Maybe we can all use banter as training for attracting the ladies with wit and humour. Armed with that and our heavy stubble, we can't lose, surely? [Daily Mail]

Image credit: Funny man from Shutterstock