Google's Android Xbox Live-Style Multiplayer Gaming Service Hacked Out of Google Glass

By Gary Cutlack on at

Clever types analysing the Android code that ships within the company's Google Glass hardware have discovered code for a multiplayer gaming service, which appears to show that Google will soon offer built-in online gaming support to players and developers.

The code mentions support for all sorts of modern play types, with features enabling real-time online matchmaking, turn-based multiplayer options and even the possibility of in-game chat all showing up. Code for achievements, game lobbies, leaderboards and play invitations has also been yanked out of the Google Glass APK, making it look like Google's got its very own mobile Xbox Live equivalent up and running and ready to launch.

Google's I/O developer event takes place this May, where it traditionally shows off new Android software and hardware. Expect this gaming tech to be one of the big announcements. [Android Police]