Grip Simulator Could Revolutionise the Feeling of Weapons in Games

By Andrew Liszewski on at

When it comes to making video games feel more realistic, Nintendo seems to be one of the industry's leading innovators. First it introduced a vibrating rumble controller accessory for the N64, and then of course it made a buttload of money from the motion-controlled Wii. But a company called Tactical Haptics wants to steal Nintendo's thunder with a grip-simulating motion controller that promises to accurately simulate how a sword or gun really feels in hand.

Built on a Razer Hydra controller that's been hacked apart and implanted into a custom 3D-printed housing, the Reactive Grip features a set of four moving mechanisms that slide against your hand providing tactile feedback. When firing a gun, it lets you feel the recoil of the weapon. And when wielding a sword, it can accurately recreate the weight and heft of swinging a long blade. But what's most exciting about Reactive Grip is that it could finally let the world know what a falling Tetris tetromino block feels like. [Road To VR via Damn Geeky]