Heavy Stubble Makes You More Attractive

By Sam Gibbs on at

Science has finally put to bed the debate over whether you should bother shaving or not. Apparently you're at your most attractive with heavy stubble -- defined as a good 10-day growth -- so dump that cutthroat razor and start attracting members of the opposite sex again.

A study, which pitted photos of 10 men with various levels of stubble against a legion of both heterosexual men and women, found that the stubbled test subjects peaked at their most attractive to both sexes with 10-days worth of growth. The interesting thing was that men with only light stubble ranked last in attractiveness, behind clean-shaven and fully-bearded, probably because they just look like they haven't washed.

Mind you, if what you're after is the air of a man who's able to look after children, then a full beard is apparently the way to go. Can't say I'm there yet, so maybe it's time to bust out that beard trimmer and set it to stunning. [Evolution and Human Behaviour via Science]

Image credit: Stubble from Shutterstock