Here's What's Inside Google Glass' Box

By Casey Chan on at

Even though we've seen Google Glass be leaked, be announced, be presented, be demoed, be worn, be used, and even be mocked, it's always represented some far off future technology that we never were sure if it would ever be real (in a 'I can't believe it's already here' kind of way). But it's totally happening guys. And this is what it looks like. Brandon Allgood got his hands on the Google Glass box and revealed what's inside the future.

It's wonderfully clean packaging that includes two different visors, a carrying bag, a power adapter, a power cord, and Google Glass. It looks like people in the Google Glass Explorer program are getting their taste (or I guess sight?) of Glass, the world is never going to be the same! Or something like that. [Brandon Allgood Google+ via Engadget]