Honda Forced to Build Extra-Crappy Potholed British Road Simulating Test Track

By Gary Cutlack on at

Our roads are so lumpy, bumpy and full of holes that Honda engineers have had to build a special test track in its Japanese facility, one designed to accurately reflect how well its cars can endure our potholes, angled turns and uneven surfaces.

Our roads are apparently made from softer material that many other countries use, meaning water gets in and expands to crack it and roughen the surface. This means we have a noisier driving experience, plus we have the additional stresses of breaking for and yanking our cars around roundabouts. There aren't many roundabouts in Japan.

The test track, at Honda's Takasu centre, apparently even has British road signs, to give it an extra edge of realism. [Metro]

Image credit: Potholes from Shutterstock