How Jurassic Park's Fearsome Robo-Rex Got Its Skin

By Eric Limer on at

It's one thing to make a giant, robotic Tyrannosaurus Rex. It's another thing entirely to make it look remotely real. Granted, a robo-rex is awesome in its own right, but it's just not quite the flavour of monster fit for a film like Jurassic Park. And so. it was practical effects to the rescue yet again with a carefully applied dino-skin.

In the latest installation of StanWinstonSchool's series of Jurassic Park behind the scenes gems, we get an inside look at the outside of everyone's favorite jeep-chasing behemoth. And while the 'saur's skin might seem like an afterthought to you and me, it was pretty sophisticated. There might be more than one way to skin a Rex, but this is by far the awesomest. [StanWinstonSchool]