How Many of These Computer Ports (and Parts) Can You Name?

By Chris Mills on at

Think you're a bit of a computer ninja-geekmaster? Perk up when the conversation turns to your friend's borked computer, because you like showing off your incredible knowledge of BIOS flashing? Well, no matter, because I absolutely, totally guarantee that you will not be able to name all of the ports and interfaces here. Go on, I challenge you.

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The infographic above comes from silicon guru Sonic840's deviantart blog, only this version is mean and cruel and has all the captions crossed out, so you can't just point and go "yep, know that one....and that one as well....and yeah, I totally recognized micro-VGA".

Once you've exhausted your brain on the image above, take a look at the full-fat version at DeviantArt. And then, all together now, let's say a silent prayer to the micro-USB-standerdisation gods. [Sonic840 via Google+]