How Many Texts a Day Do You Send?

By Sam Gibbs on at

Apparently messaging apps like WhatsApp have finally overtaken SMS as the medium of choice for burst-fire messages. According to new stats, 1.4 billion more chat-app messages were sent than texts last year, marking the first time the humble SMS has been beaten.

Looking at my own usage, I send a lot of "texts", but almost none of them via SMS. Whether it's WhatsApp, iMessages, IM or email, I barely ever resort to actual over-the-network SMS. That's mainly because the various chat apps provide a better experience. I can see when someone's typing, whether the message was delivered and whether it's been read. In fact I've only sent three SMS in the last month compared to hundreds of WhatsApp messages.

Do you still use SMS or is everything sent via chat apps these days? I guess it really depends whether or not you're messaging dumphone users.

Image credit: Shock from Shutterstock