Icelandic App Prevents "Accidental Incest"

By Gary Cutlack on at

The island nation of Iceland apparently has a bit of a problem with people accidentally porking distant family members, thanks to its limited population of 320,000 and the fact a large percentage of that lot is based in and around capital Reykjavik. A new app lets potential partners check to see if they're related, prior to engaging in... relations.

The Android app's called IslendingaApp SES. It accesses data from anĀ online genealogical database that charts Icelandic family histories, letting users "bomp" their mobiles together to perform an instant family history check to see how, or how well, the pair are related. This is described rather grimly as an "Incest Spoiler."

But it's not all bad. The app also reminds you of family birthdays. You can say that's the reason you've installed it. [Google Play via Wired]