Would More "HD" Make You Buy an E-Reader?

By Scott Laczay on at

For those of you who can no longer deal with standard definition e-ink displays, Kobo finally has the answer. The Canadian e-reader manufacturer has unleashed the Aura HD e-reader with a eye-bleedingly 265 dpi-crisp display. That's 20 per cent denser than Amazon's Kindle Paperwhite, but does anyone really care?

It's aimed at "the most passionate booklovers", who are apparently desperate for HD e-readers. But, really, have you ever looked at your Kindle, or any other e-book reader for that matter and thought, this just isn't HD enough?

The Kobo Aura HD boasts a 6.8" screen with 265 dpi and weighs in at 240 g. It has all the other trimmings that have become standard on e-readers: Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n, 4GB of  storage, and a front-lit screen using Kobo's fancy ComfortLight technology. It'll land on our fair shores on April 25th for a mere £139.99, but don't forget that it's a "limited edition", so you'd better, err, hurry, I guess.

That being said, the Kindle Paperwhite is lighter, thinner, and more importantly, cheaper than the Kobo, plus buying ebooks from the Amazon store is easier than reading them.

So, would an HD e-reader from an underdog manufacturer be enough to get you to switch over to Kobo?