If You Really Want Facebook Chat Heads to Properly Infest Your iPhone, Now You Can

By Sam Gibbs on at

One of Facebook Home's most appealing -- or nauseating, depending on how you look at it -- features is Chat Heads. Your friends' faces popping up on top of everything else so you can chat with them while doing other things. Chat Heads are now part of Facebook for iOS, but to make them infect integrate fully with your iPhone, free of the app as Zuckerberg intended, you'll need this awesome new jailbreak tweak.

The tweak essentially makes Chat Heads on iOS behave like they do on Android, on top of everything else, not just caged within the Facebook app. But really what's happening here is that the Facebook app runs all the time in the background, with all but the Chat Heads themselves made transparent. Sounds like a battery-life killer to me, but apparently it's not all that resource intensive, so you should be fine on a new-ish iPhone.

Anyway, if you love the idea of Chat Heads, and frankly, who doesn't -- if it wasn't just Facebook IM and SMS in there I'd be all over this like white on rice -- then it should be free on Cydia any day now. [The Verge]