If You Want to See Iron Man 3 in 4D, Hop On a Plane to Japan Now

By Sam Gibbs on at

Iron Man 3 premieres in the UK today -- a day late thanks to the Iron Lady -- and while we're all champing at the bit to see what kind of pain Stark's going to bring unto the Mandarin, the lucky, lucky Japanese will be able to witness the epic badassery in practically-living 4DX.

Strobe lights, bubble and wind machines, as well as tilting and rumbling seats will bombard the audience with timed effects to bring them even closer to the action. While Iron Man 3 isn't the first 4DX film to be shown, that honour went to Avatar back in 2009 in Seoul, it's the first in Japan, and will probably be miles better than Cameron's Smurfs-meets-Transformers.

So, who's already got their tickets clenched in their vice-like grips for Iron Man 3 in the UK, and when is everyone seeing it? Anyone manage to blag a ticket in one of those fancy luxury cinemas? No spoilers for those lucky gits who got a sneak peek before the rest of us. [Hollywood Reporter]