Woman Arrested For Breakdancing the Peace in Yorkshire Car Dealership

By Scott Laczay on at

West Yorkshire police are reporting no injuries from an incident early yesterday, involving at least one out-of-control breakdancer in a Wakefield car showroom. The impassioned breakdancer, described as a 31-year old female from the Agbrigg area, had been throwing shapes in the forecourt of the dealership with such vigor that it caused disturbances to both staff and customers.

Breakdancing, more rightly known as b-boying, is an athletic form of physical expression, often performed in public areas with typically positive support from onlookers. However, a spokesman for the Wakefield police speaking to the Yorkshire Evening Post said, "Despite advice from the officers the female continued with her behaviour and was arrested for break of the peace."[Yorkshire Evening Post via Car dealer magazine via Twitter]

Image credit Prison Dancer from Shutterstock