In Her Final Act, the Iron Lady Conquers the Iron Man

By Sam Gibbs on at

The UK premiere of Iron Man 3 is being postponed 24 hours, not because the actors are revolting, or because the cinema's all booked up for Star Trek, but because of Margret Thatcher's funeral. Yep, the Iron Lady gets the last laugh.

Originally set for April 17th, in London's Leicester Square, the organisers have put it back to the 18th because Thatcher's funeral will also be on the 17th, with a procession through the city ending up in St. Paul's Cathedral. A logistical nightmare it would have been, according to Westminster council.

Considering the star-studded guest list for Thatcher's funeral, I wouldn't be surprised to learn the clash was avoided over some of the actors being double-booked. Anyway, it's not like you'd have been down to see the premiere anyway, right? IMAX it is for us mere mortals. [Metro]