Irish Priests Admit Film Piracy at Video Shop Confessional

By Gary Cutlack on at

An Irish monastery has been having illegal DVD screener download film parties, with one priest confessing all to his local video shop owner.

The suspicions of Limerick rental shop owner Paul Flynn were raised earlier this year, when a local priest expressed an opinion about Oscar-winning historical drama Lincoln. When questioned about how he had managed to watch it seeing as the film wasn't yet in cinemas or out to rent, the priest said "...we have a film club once a week and we watched it up at the monastery."

When pushed by the investigative local business owner, the priest also confessed to multiple additional counts of pirating films before their commercial release, saying: "Well, we watched Django Unchained last week, which I found very violent; we watched Les Miserables the week before and Zero Dark Thirty the week before that."

Meanwhile, TorrentFreak took it to the very top and decided to see if any religious types located in Vatican City were downloading illegal material. And they were, including one German language arthouse production titled BDSM Sklavin Zuchtigung im dunklen Hobbykeller teen fesselspiele.avi that was associated with a VC IP address, a title which our GCSE-level German tells us isn't entirely above board. [Limerick Leader via TorrentFreak]