Is Samsung Finally Waking Up to the Fact that Expensive Phones Need to Feel Premium?

By Sam Gibbs on at

When Samsung unveiled the Galaxy S4 our hearts sank a little. Compared to the gorgeous, premium looking and feeling HTC One, the plastic-shelled S4 just looked cheap. Yes, there are merits for a polycarbonate construction, but a premium experience isn't one of them. It seems Samsung might have just woken up to that fact.

According to "famous sources" talking to SamMobile, which you can take with a pinch of salt, but who knows, Samsung's prepping something with a higher build quality for the next Note flagship, the Note III. While this could be utter bullshit, it would make sense to see Samsung at least look at it. You only have to cast your eye briefly over the competition to know that quality and premium materials are where it's at.

I hope this is true. I like what Samsung's doing with hardware, if only its phones didn't feel so cheap. It would be fine, I guess, if they were as cheap as they feel, but the likes of the Galaxy S III, S4 and Note II aren't cheap -- they're decidedly premium priced. Maybe, from now on, they'll feel just as premium as their prices dictate they should. [SamMobile]