It's Probably Safe to Say That No Strip Club, Casino, or Cinema Will Let You In With Google Glass Strapped to Your Face

By Sam Gibbs on at

Yeah, some bars might be grabbing free publicity from pre-emptively banning Google Glass, but that's just silly. Mind you, wherever you're not allowed to take photos, don't bet on being let in with the camera-equipped Google Glass adorning your pretty face.

Apparently some casinos and strip joints in Las Vegas have already banned the things; hands and cameras off the merchandise gentlemen. It doesn't take much imagination to think of a use for the things filming POV strippers, but really it's the casinos that should be quaking in their boots. Imagine using an army of the things to cover multiple card games. You could easily use them to count cards, or perpetrate any number of scams.

Anyway, expect cinemas and theatres to follow suit, as well as possibly no-photography art galleries, although that would suck considering the possibilities of object or painting recognition with Google Glass. Maybe watching the movie at home with a Google Glass-overlay telling you weapon specs, a running death toll, or just who's in love/hating who will become a new thing. They're always talking about the second screen, why not just have it overlaid on top of the big one? [NBCNews via TechRadar]

Image credit: Banned from Shutterstock