Julian Assange and Eric Schmidt Had a Five-Hour Nerdy Chit Chat

By Gary Cutlack on at

A transcript released by Wikileaks shows that silky-smooth fugitive Julian Assange had a five-hour meeting with Google overlord Eric Schmidt back in 2011, with the Google man requesting the chat due to an interest in charting the formation and operation of Wikileaks in his forthcoming book.

The full transcript of the chat, which can be read over at Wikileaks, starts with Assange putting on the record the fact that he's been offered the chance to read the full transcript and be allowed to make changes to any quotes attributed to him, in the true paranoid control freak style you'd expect of the man.

It's then quite a technical piece where Assange fills in Eric on how they managed the Wikileaks servers, keeping them online and trying to stall the ongoing Chinese blocking attempts. Assange also explains what Bitcoin is to Schmidt, who, when this was recorded in 2011, didn't know what the internet currency was.

Assange said of the virtual currency with telling accuracy: "...you should get into the Bitcoin system now. Early. You should be an early adopter. Because your Bitcoins are going to be worth a lot of money one day."

Then literally one day later they'll be worth half that, but still. Wonder if Julian followed his own investment advice and is now a Bitcoin billionaire? [Wikileaks via Cnet]