Dexteria Jr., and More

By Leslie Horn on at

In the mood to create something? This week's selection of iPad apps will let you do just that, whether you're just getting the hang of walking or the one making sure we remember these moments forever, you'll be thankful to have the help.

KeepShot, Dexteria Jr., and More

Dexteria Jr.: Kids are going to grab for your iPad no matter what, so you might as well trick them into learning something while they're at it. Dexteria Jr. is an offshoot of its older, award-winning cousin Dexteria, and caters specifically to kids ages 2-5. Hand and finger exercises are camouflaged and bright colors and engaging songs, so kids will have blast while developing essential skills to carry with them later on. £1.99

KeepShot, Dexteria Jr., and More

HLP Flashlight: There's certainly no dearth of apps floating around with the sole purpose of turning your phone's LED bulb into a makeshift flashlight. So if you're someone to whom design is an afterthought (at best), you'll probably be perfectly content keeping what you already have. For the rest of you, though, HLP Flashlight for iOS is a simple, elegant take on a utility that's more or less become a necessity. And there are even a few fun kicks thrown in, to boot. Free