KnobFeel: Extensive Reviews of Nothing But Knobs

By Ashley Feinberg on at

At this point, the hi-fi stereo market is inundated with enough high quality, pristine-gut-bearing machines that it makes it nearly impossible to draw distinctions between different models' reviews, so you might as well toss 'em—they're worthless! Because one industrious young (sounding) knob turner has taken care of the only spec that matters anymore: welcome to KnobFeel.

Recently discovered by The New Republic, KnobFeel's blog gives us video after video of knob twist after knob twist. A few sentences sprinkled underneath each review give us the technical considerations (axis, consistency, temperature, what have you), but it's the knob-twisting money shots, communicated entirely in delighted moans and dissatisfied grunts that really give us a true understanding of the knob—of its essence. [KnobFeel via The New Republic]