Laser-Cut MacBook Lids Are More Stunning Than Stickers

By Andrew Liszewski on at

Visit any tech-heavy conference and you're bound to find a sea of MacBooks covered in clever decals playing up the glowing Apple logo on the lid. But a sticker only offers so much customisation; if you really want your hardware to stand out you need to take things to the next level with a custom-cut Uncover replacement lid.
It sounds like a complicated process, and that's why Uncover requires you to either send in your MacBook to be enhanced, or just buy a new one through them that they can customise before sending your way. The company offers a series of existing designs if you're not that creative, but since you'll be spending anywhere from £150 up to £500 for the service, you'll probably want to choose a design that's completely unique to your machine. Here's a few examples of what Uncover has created already:

[Uncover via iLounge]