Make Coffee Without a Coffee Maker Using Crap Around Your House

By Ashley Feinberg on at

With most people content to just pop in a cartridge, push a button, and accept the caffeinated lighter fluid that comes forth with open mouths, it's easy to forget that coffee-making can be an art. Which is partially why Tonx's fun and monstrously informative infographic on cofeee-makerless coffee-making is such a delight.

Whether you're a caffeinated artisan or just highly unprepared, you should be able to produce a halfway-decent cup with whatever you have at hand. In fact, Tonx is so confident in the bean's resourcefulness that it's currently running a contest for the most creative ways of brewing something at least resembling coffee that you can muster. For know, though, and with this chart, know that you and your beans will both be in good hands. [Tonx]