Man Finds Severed Ear Lying In Churchyard

By Sam Gibbs on at

Picture this: You're walking through a churchyard, minding your own business, when you stumble across something squishy on the ground. Your dog is chewing on it, so it must be tasty. You bend down to get a closer look, and... holy-hell it's a human ear!

That's precisely what happened to a one Ben Jackson-Smith, who found the ear in the grounds of St. Mary the Virgin Church in Thames Valley. The police cordoned off the area, but a search for other body parts failed to turn up any more severed extremities. The discovery is being treated as "current" rather than "historic", though, and is therefore an active investigation.

There are currently no leads on who the poor person with an ear missing actually is, or whether this was actually a crime, although I just can't see how an ear can be sliced off without it being some sort of crime. The perpetrators of the ear removal are, therefore, still at large. [BBC]