Marvel Is Giving Away 700 Free Comics to Everyone Again

By Kyle Wagner on at

Hey, look, free stuff! Marvel is taking another shot at giving away more than 700 #1 issues of its comics through its digital service. That's thousands of pounds of comics, for free.

This time around, Marvel's sending out invites to the downloads in batches — think heats in swimming or track meets — to cut down on overloading its servers. So hopefully it'll be better than the last time Marvel tried this, when servers were so overloaded that no one could download anything.

You have to sign up between now and midnight ET tomorrow (4/9) at Marvel's promo page. From there, you'll get an email telling you to sign in and start gorging on free comics, starting on Thursday the 11th. And while #1 issues might not always tell full stories, they often have some of the best art and writers in comics doing their best work. So it's definitely worth checking a few out. 'Nuff said. [Marvel]