McAfee Wants to Stop You "Inadvertently" Pirating Stuff Online

By Gary Cutlack on at

An updated McAfee product will kindly warn you should you attempt to download pirated material or visit dodgy web sites, politely offering alternative legal sources of files instead. We can see this catching on with literally three or four people.

The patented system, which would appear as an upgrade to McAfee's existing SiteAdvisor web safety tool, refers to itself as a method to "detect and prevent illegal consumption of content on the internet" and would intercept URLs and ping them off to a database before serving pages to the user. It'd compare addresses to a blacklist, then offer viewers the chance to continue to the site or pick an alternative legal link, should the one they discovered be deemed bad.

Presumably there'd be an auto-block option in the code too, so parents (and bosses) can stop their children (and staff) hammering the music and porn sites all night (and all day). [TorrentFreak]