Microsoft's Thinking About Giving You a Traditional Desktop With Start Button Back

By Sam Gibbs on at

Windows 8 is like Marmite. Some people love it, many, many people hate it. And while I personally quite like it, it certainly has its quirks, especially when you're using it without a touchscreen. It seems Microsoft might be backtracking a bit. Windows 8.1, aka 'Blue', might come with a Start button and could boot straight into the desktop, skirting the Start screen.

It's still only rumoured at this point, but two different reports have stated that's what Microsoft's planning to do, which would both be a good move and a bad move all rolled into one. If Microsoft caves now, it'll be hard to try and force its redesigned vision of how Windows should look and operate through in later iterations, but then, maybe it'll win some users back? At least corporate buyers are more likely to adopt it with a familiar start menu and desktop.

What do you reckon? Are you put off Windows 8 by Microsoft's new Start Screen and it's don't-call-it-Metro UI? [ZDnet, The Verge via TechRadar]