Mountain of Trekkies Actually Manage to Crash the IMAX Box-Office In Star Trek Into Darkness Stampede

By Sam Gibbs on at

If you were hoping to see Star Trek Into Darkness in an IMAX come May 9th, or any time soon thereafter, and you haven't already got a ticket in hand, I'm afraid you're probably going to be fat out of luck. Boatloads of eager Trek fans actually managed to take out both the BFI and Odeon's booking system. DDoSed by Trekkies; that's got to hurt.

Apparently more than 10 times as many visitors as the systems could handle hit the sites to grab tickets. It got so bad, Paramount pictures started tweeting out alternative telephone booking lines as well, as people hammered the phones too.

So, it looks like JJ Abrams has a winner on his hands again, as long as it's not a pile of poo. The Dark Knight Rises was the last film to crash the BFI, and that did bloody well. [TotalFilm]

Bonus: Here's a cool new animated poster to ogle too.