Vodafone Southampton Bombed Out by Happy Falcons

By Gary Cutlack on at

Mother Nature has impacted upon the quality of life of Vodafone customers in Southampton, thanks to a pair of local peregrine falcons choosing one of the network's mobile masts as their 2013 nesting spot.

The fact that falcons are protected under the Wildlife and Countryside Act means they can't be moved on until after the pair's chicks have hatched and flown the nest, with the mobile operator kindly shutting off the mast so they can be left to do their birdy parenting business in peace.

This kindly act hasn't gone down well with local residents, who claim Vodafone's reaction has been "extremely slow" with no sign that the promised contingency plans are yet in place to help reconnect twitching offline customers. [BBC]

Image credit: Not the actual falcon from Shutterstock