Nick Clegg Flexes Miniature Muscle to Kick Out "Snooper's Charter"

By Gary Cutlack on at

The usually tame Mr Clegg has gone red-faced with fury over the coalition's plan to introduce the so-called Snooper's Charter, using a radio interview to stress that he won't let theĀ Data Communications Bill pass as long as he has a stapler with his name on it inside the government offices.

Speaking on his usual weekly radio chat with LBC, Clegg said: "The 'snoopers charter' isn't going to happen. The idea that there would be a record kept of all your online activity. It won't happen while Lib Dems are in government."

Clegg also claimed the Bill "isn't workable or proportionate" and is lining himself up for a battle with the Tories over amendments the Lib Dems are demanding to be made to the Bill before agreeing to any changes in the UK's online privacy laws. [Techradar]