Notes From the Frontline: Ask Matt Delito Anything (and Win Signed Copies of His New Book)

By Kat Hannaford on at

We're blushing with pride this week at Giz -- our clandestine copper columnist Matt Delito, writing for us since October 2011, published his first book yesterday. Confessions of a Police Constable (from £2.99 over on Amazon) contains some of Delito's more remarkable stories from his years working for the Metropolitan Police, and for the next hour's AMA, the five best questions asked of him will win you a signed copy of his book.

Before you jump right on into asking Delito all those burning questions you've had on your mind since that time you became acquainted with the traffic cop's breathalyser back in '07, please let me sound the politeness klaxon, and remind you to have at least a modicum of respect in the comments below. Otherwise I'm dispatching this guy.

Order Matt Delito's Confessions of a Police Constable for £2.99 on Kindle, or £5.99 on paperback, and catch up with his Gizmodo UK columns here.

Image credit: Police image from Shutterstock.