O2 Plans Aggressive 4G Roll Out, Claims EE Hasn't "Got Traction"

By Gary Cutlack on at

UK network O2 has been shouting about its plans for its forthcoming 4G network launch, claiming it'll be "mind-blowingly aggressive" when it come to pushing out its future LTE services in the UK.

Gary Booker, the network's consumer general manager, told Techradar: "We will have a very, very accelerated roll out of 4G, it's mind-blowingly aggressive compared to our UK 3G rollout."

He admitted there will be some months where it plays "catch up" with rival 4G network EE which has been offering quad-gee power since last year, although Booker isn't overly worried about EE's current performance, saying of his competitor's 4G attempts: "I think it's fair they haven't got traction in the market."

"Consumers are holding on for their preferred network to have 4G and they're holding on for a device they really want to use on that network," he added. [Techradar]