O2 Separates Phone From Minutes to Satisfy Upgrade Cravings

By Gary Cutlack on at

The new O2 Refresh contract option from the mobile network sees it offer customers a separate contract for their calling plan and mobile phone, making it less of a fiddle to switch handsets mid-contract.

O2 Refresh gives you one 24 month contract, split in half. If you decide you want to upgrade your mobile because Samsung's launched an even bigger one, you can pay for it separately, leaving your calling plan in place and simply paying off the outstanding balance for your existing phone and starting again with a new one.

What's also nice is that it rewards people for not upgrading. After 24 months the phone part of the contract cost stops being charged once you've paid for it, meaning you're left only paying for your calling minutes and it's therefore much cheaper to nurse your existing model through another year or two.

Airtime plans range from £12 to £22, with O2 giving an example HTC One contract that costs £49.99 upfront and £20 a month for the phone. It'll be available from April 16th. [O2]