Oculus Rift + Multi-Directional Treadmill = Future of Games

By Gary Cutlack on at

The bonkers video embedded above shows one possible future for video games, in which the speed of your armoured space marine is tied in to how fast you are at running. It's the amazing 3D-PC-gaming-system Oculus Rift teamed with a 360-degree treadmill. It's killing pretend people made into a healthy leisure activity.

The system has been put together by treadmill maker Virtuix, which develops multi-direction mills to allow people to better interact with 3D environments. Couple this with the Oculus Rift headset tech that's been stunning the PC gaming world for the last few months and you have a fully interactive 3D world to walk around in real time.

They say jumping isn't yet technically possible within the system, but that's probably for the best otherwise our fat arses would give up after five minutes of the tutorial level. [Mashable via Engadget]