One of Only Two Sega Pluto Prototype Consoles in Existence For Sale

By Gary Cutlack on at

This is easily the most exciting piece of gaming hardware to come to light in many years. A super-rare Sega Pluto prototype of which only two were ever made. It's a bit battered, but you can buy it. You may need to sell your house, car, sofa, phone, microwave and bottom by the hour first to raise enough money, but it could be yours.

Last week a Sega employee boasted about owning one of the two Pluto prototypes that were produced for internal evaluation, wowing the gaming world with a magical piece of unknown Sega plastic. Now a regular gamer has admitted to finding the second Pluto test machine at a car boot sale, where he paid just $1 for it. That's every gaming hardware fan's wildest dream come true.

Internally, it's not hugely thrilling, as all Sega's done here is combine a Sega Saturn with an internal modem. Had it been released, the Pluto hardware would've offered fairly crappy online play in an internet world ruled by chirping modems and which pre-dated Sega's own fully-online Dreamcast machine by a couple of years.

The owner's produced a low-res video, in which he says it's "pretty dope" and a bit on the enormous side. He's not wrong. [GameGavel via Kotaku]