Only 318,000 Brits Are Using 4G in the UK Right Now

By Sam Gibbs on at

For the first time since launch, EE's busted out some real subscriber numbers, and it seems not that many Britons have actually jumped on the 4G bandwagon yet. Only 318,000-odd people have plunked for one of EE's high-priced 4G tariffs, which in comparison to EE's total subscriber base of 13.7 million is still a drop in the ocean. Mind you, that is after only five months.

EE's championing this number, of course, as it's quite a leap from zero to 318,000 in five months, but I'm somewhat disappointed by that figure. Given the real-world benefits of 4G, and the sheer excitement of finally getting LTE in the UK, I would have expected more people to have been champing at the bit to get 4G. However, I guess you have to temper that with the contract renewal cycles that everyone's locked into before upgrading to 4G, plus the premium price that EE's demanding. As much as I would personally love 4G, price is the one thing that's kept me from jumping on-board. It does make me wonder, then, what it would look like right now if EE had taken Three's stance on 4G and priced it the same as its current 3G network.

It'll be interesting to see how quickly the other UK networks build their 4G subscriber base once they manage to launch their own LTE networks. Hats off to EE though, as its 4G network roll out has been pretty ferocious when compared with previous next-generation network infrastructure upgrades like 3G before it. [EE (PDF) via TechCrunch]