Please Tell Me I'm Not the Only One Who Breaks Earbuds Every Month?

By Kat Hannaford on at

I have a problem, and not only is it proving costly, it's also diminishing my appreciation of the one thing I love above everything else -- music. I just can't seem to use a pair of in-ear headphones without breaking them.

True, I probably use them more than the average person -- during my 2-hour round trip walk to work; for most of my working day when I'm clamped to my desk, and any travelling I may do over the weekend, too. I don't treat them very nicely -- I stick my phone, headphone jack peeking skywards, in my back pocket. I pull them out of my MacBook's headphone jack by the cable. I whip them from my ears by the cable. Heck, when they're not in my ears, they're lying in a tangled mess in my bag. I am a bad gadget user.

It feels like not a month goes past without me flouncing into the office and announcing to Sam that another pair has bit the dust. I've given up buying good quality 'buds, as there just doesn't seem to be any point throwing more money down the drain. Currently, I'm actually using a pair of buds which are WORSE than Apple's supplied iPod / iPhone ones, but that's not the end to my shame -- before that, I was using a pair of cheap Jabras we had lying around the office; a pair which came with a Motorola phone we tested last year, and the ultimate shame must've been when I was caught short in a US airport last year, and the only pair I could buy was from Alienware. I've been through five pairs in the last six months.

I refuse to use Bluetooth earbuds. I refuse to use cans. I refuse to look after my earbuds correctly. What I do want -- and here's where visions of Veruca Salt should correctly ever your mind -- is a pair of sub-£50 earbuds which will last at least six months. Any longer might cause a coronary.

Any thoughts, O Wise Giz Commenters?

Image Credit: Stevenw